Our Volunteers

A club is reliant on the commitment of a team of volunteers to develop and progress. Running a club not only entails a commitment to supply training and the ability to compete in competitive leagues but it also requires a significant amount of ongoing planning, finance, coach management and training, child protection, facility hire etc. The list of tasks for volunteers is varied and requires a huge amount of time and a variety of skills.

Without the large number of volunteers within Ongar Chasers the club would simply not operate. A huge amount of the work undertaken by each and every volunteer for the Club is invisible to most Club members.

Volunteering is the gift of time.

We thank all those listed below for the time they continue to give to Ongar Chasers


  • Lennie McMillian
  • Stuart James
  • Yasmin Okic
  • Niki Synnott
  • Rebecca Mahon
  • Keith Coffey
  • Dave Earley
  • Laura Bermingham
  • Sladjan Kutjievac
  • Dave Kearney
  • Piotr Peczek
  • Paddy O’Malley
  • Jerome Howe
  • Dave Tracey
  • Butch
  • Alan Gunning
  • Davey Turner
  • Lourd Renz
  • Josh Alpeurto
  • Haris Sikorsis

Assistant Coaches:

  • Padraig McDonagh
  • Rosie Gleeson
  • Nicole Olden
  • Nicole Kenny
  • Jasmine McGuinness
  • Iulian Iurascu
  • Niamh Cameron
  • John Byrne
  • Derek Smith
  • Frank O’Sullivan
  • Daniel McGuinness
  • Frankie O’Sullivan
  • Jack Sweeney
  • Nana Osei
  • Carl Harrington
  • Jorge Barata
  • Richard Grigoras
  • Victor Martinez Rodriguez
  • Daena Cowan Egan
  • Ruairi O’Sullivan
  • Urosh Kutijevac
  • Padraic Bermingham

Team Managers:

  • Supreme Manager Sue Stapleton
  • Eilish Rickard
  • Francesco Rivera
  • Declan Coakley
  • Irene Rothwell
  • Bernice Vaz
  • Estelle Aulbin
  • Aisling Olden
  • Olga Kearney
  • Deirdre Byrne
  • Tracy McGuinness
  • Linda Jobus
  • Emma Kenny
  • Alvise Calamai
  • Inga Sabiene
  • Clodagh Fitzgibbon
  • Milosh Kutijevac
  • Karen Dardis

Childrens Officers:

  • Lisa O’Sullivan
  • Sue Stapleton
  • Julie Murray
  • Margaret O’Shea

Data Protection Officer:

  • Emma Kenny

COVID Consultant:

  • Ann Callaghan
  • Ronan Barry
  • Vivienne Ogada

Referee Manager:

  • Faroud Raheem

Table Officials Representative:

  • Mira Kutijevac


  • Eve Farrelly

Ongar Chasers' Board:

  • Frank O'Sullivan - Chairman
  • Sladjan Kutijevac - Secretary (The President)
  • Deirdre Byrne - Treasurer
  • Lisa O'Sullivan - Designated Liaison / Child Protection
  • Tracy McGuinness - Communications
  • Zoran Stankovic - Coaching Coordinator
  • Olga Kearney - Facilities Management

Apologies if, in error, we have omitted anyone from this list. Do please let us know if we have omitted your name!