Our Club

We are delighted to inform the wider community that we have started a new Juvenile Basketball Club in Dublin 15 called Ongar Chasers. Ongar is one of the new residential areas in Dublin 15 and like much of Dublin 15 is a multi-ethnic community with many young families. Basketball is a popular sport in Ireland but is a much larger, global sport and so we think it provides an excellent opportunity for the integration of Irish people and many minorities in the area.

Our Mission

Dublin 15 has grown at a rapid rate and faces typical problems of such fast-growing communities. We believe the propagation of sports clubs and other community endeavours will help with social integration, reduce anti-social behaviour and provide a greater sense of belonging and social cohesion. Basketball is the most popular sport in the new large VEC secondary school in the area, Colaiste Pobail Setanta and they have already had a good measure of success.

The First and Only

There is no under-age Basketball club in the area from Phibsboro as far as Lucan and to our knowledge, this is the first club of any sport to be incorporated in Ongar. We hope to serve the Dublin 15 area and beyond as we grow.